Friday, January 04, 2008

An Unsettling Trend

This blog's gradually decreasing number of posts has unsettled more than a couple family and friend voyeurs. Rachel and I recognize this. We see an unsettling trend between busyness at work and number of compelling things to write about. We'll try to write more fascinating tales of our lives as they arrive (including, possibly a Christmas update?), but in the meantime, here are a couple of deep thoughts to ponder:

Deep Thought # 1: Maybe we should praise single motherhood and teenage pregnancy. Brittney's little sister's bun in the oven should be a celebration, not a scandal. I applaud anyone with the conviction and grit to bring a new baby into this world in spite of the cultural climate that tolerates terminated pregnancies over actual childbirth. Maybe I'll write to James Dobson and tell him he needs to convince religious leaders to preach tolerance and celebration of prostitots and their big bellies. For another reason, the natural (non-immigration) US birthrate is very low, and the more children we have, the better off will be our future economy. The next time you see an unwed teenage mother, give her a high-five. Think of the many times more numerous teenagers (and their parents) who believe shame trumps a baby.

Deep Thought # 2: I'm disturbed by the trend of parents to teach their children to "do what you want" and "follow your heart." As a result, little kids decide they want to be artists, musicians, bartenders, counselors, and sociologists. At the same time, children in India and China are influenced by their parents to become needed. Science and math take a little extra effort, and children need to be encouraged by their parents to look harder at these "hard skill" classes.

Here's a secret, until I was in college, I wanted to be a musician and a teacher. I was going to be the best band director in Texas, and my loving parents encouraged me to be the best director I could be. But the world is a tough and competitive place. I analyzed the future and realized it probably wasn't what was best for me or my future family. Several years later, I'm an analyst. Rachel's an analyst too! As a kid, who says, "I want to be an analyst when I grow up!" But the truth is, it's very cool indeed! Rachel and I get to look at numbers and tell stories with them. Those stories influence business leaders and change processes and strategy.

My prayer is this - that parents will teach their children to do what is best for society, for America, or for their future families. Not necessarily for what children think is the most fun or the easiest path to a mediocre level of success. Be patriotic! Teach your kids to love math, science or a trade!

Final Thought: Not a deep thought, but based on last night's results from Iowa, I think it would be totally rad if the presidential race was between Obama and Huckabee / McCain. It would be the first time in my brief existence that I would be excited no matter who won!
(See Chris, we keep telling you that we're "independent" not "liberal")


Dougie Fresh said...

Good post Rob...glad to have you back! I'm with you on your final thought (and all of your thoughts for that matter). It was indeed exciting to see the final returns from Iowa. Let's hope the trend continues on Tuesday.

Andrew & Joanne said...

I think you need to consider the impact of a child being raised without a father before you praise single motherhood. What about abstinence and contraceptives?
I do praise Brit's sis for not getting an abortion, but I DO NOT discount the fact that she was irresponsible enough to get pregnant in the first place.

I do appreciate the rest of your post. Why so much talk about child birth and parenting??? Has this been a hot topic with you and Rach?? Is Jackson wanting a new playmate?

I'm just glad you've given up on Paul! Too bad about Obama and New Hampshire...

Me said...

Huckabee is an idiot

bobmard said...

I believe the best thing a parent can encourage their kid to be is a person who is first and foremost in tune with God so He is able to direct their path. Encourage your kid to be a man/woman of God. Teach them to trust in the Lord with all their heart and encourage them not to try to figure life out on their own. Teach them to depend on God and he will direct their path.