Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Can We Get Your House?

A funny 82-yr old lady approached Rachel and me today while we ate our scrumptious goodies at the grocery store. Feeble yes, but also spry and with an ascorbic wit. She is the kind of person who feeds pigeons and talks about the good old days in the Great Depression, when everyone in her Minnesota town came together as a social collective to help one another. She mentions she lives alone in Alki (beach-front area of W. Seattle). She laments her lonely life and blesses us as our conversation is therapeutic to her soul. Eventually, after we pry ourselves away from a 30-second conversation that somehow stretched into 15 minutes, Rachel and I walk back out to the car where I tell Rachel, "the whole time she was talking at us, I thought to myself, 'how can we get her house!'"


Andrew & Joanne said...

Hmm.. Does "front row seat to SeaFair" mean anything to you? You better track that pigeon lady down, become her best friend, and then simply swipe the house. It sounds like a brilliant plan to me..

Sarah said...

I think there's a movie about this- The Duplex with Ben Stiller. Watch that before you do anything drastic.

ADahl said...

Rob would be trying to skam old ladies out of their tiddy houses