Sunday, January 27, 2008

Domino's Pizza Tracker

We have a new best friend - the Domino's Pizza Tracker. The other day we were tired, hungry, and possessed nothing in our fridge except eggs and mayo. Pizza sounded good, so we decided to give Dominos a chance. We're glad we did! You can now order your pizza online with:
  1. all of the coupons right on the website, one click away,
  2. an incredibly user-friendly pizza topping arranging tool thing (it's hard to describe), and
  3. the ability to pay online with your credit card.
But the very best part of the experience was after you place your order. Domino's takes you to the "Pizza Tracker" where you watch your pizza being topped, baked, boxed, and delivered. Within 30 minutes of pushing [place order], and 10 minutes after the pizza tracker displayed "delivery," the pizza was at our front door. Amazing!

Image borrowed from T&S

1 comment:

Andrew & Joanne said...

That's pretty radi-cool!!

Too bad I'm not a huge Domino's fan.. Well the Pizza, that is - I love the game!

Domino's pizza joints are pretty hard to come by out here in/around Riverview, FL. Urban sprawl really likes to pop it's dirty head up wherever it can!