Thursday, January 10, 2008

To Me, Christmas Means...

Family _ Fellowship _ Coffee _ Food _ Drama (ask Chris for endoscope pics) _ Giving more than you receive (negative cash flow) _ Board games _ Rescue Christmas CD _ Crowds _ Activities _ Anticipation

Every year, Christmas means something slightly different. When I was younger, my dad and uncle stomped on the roof yelling, "ho! ho! ho!" to signal the advent of the blessed day of gift receiving. If only we could maintain that same level of excitement - but alas the older you get, the more other attributes of Christmas move to the forefront (like board games and coffee):

Pressos. A fantastic little manual espresso device. You can only find these on eBay now. Jeanne and Chris influenced Rob and Rachel to get one, who influenced Katherine and Jerrod to get one (not shown here). Andy and Joanne have the third one shown.

Chris says it better than I can explain

Rachel and Jackson with Mike and Laura's Yorkshires (Murphy and Abbie)

Andy, home from Florida, shows the love

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Andrew & Joanne said...

Nice Pics, Great Craic!