Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer Vacation (pt 2)

Rachel's visits to Oregon always culminate into some excellent times. Never ones to sit idle, Rob and Rachel jaunted off to several places, including Coffee Cottage, Van Duzer, Dallas (Oregon), Hood River, Cannon Beach, the Tillimook Chease Factory (yum!), and many places in between. Thanks to everyone for making her visits so memorable. Here are some pictures from Rachel's most recent visit to Oregon:

Picking up Rachel at the airport (Rob, Rachel, Chris, Jeanne, Josh)

What we would look like if we had a baby! (Cole, Mitch & Kelleigh's baby)

Jeanne, Rachel, Kelleigh, Mom (Mardock) at Pacific City

Rachel and Dad (Mardock) at Pacific City

Grant and Mitch at Pacific City

Desi, Rachel, Jeanne, Heather at Vista House, Columbia River Gorge

Mardocks and Bellamys mingling on July 4th

Rachel, Chris, Josh, Heather, Joanne, Andy, Jeanne, Desi (Rob always takes the pictures) at Lincoln City getting ready for fireworks. Notice the squinting eyes and strained smiles... it's very smoky at the Lincoln City fireworks show.

Enjoying smores before fireworks at Lincoln City. Crazy fun times had by all!


Rachel said...

What a great compilation of pictures! Summer vacation has been a ton of fun so far. I can't wait to live in Oregon so it can be like family vacation all the time : )

carol Mardock said...

What a fun group of family to hang with. We loved it! Unfortunately, photos tell all so we're starting our diets tomorrow!!! Mom M.