Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer Fun in Timbuktu

Our good friend Sarah Lawrence is always gallivanting around the world. I bet she's on her second passport by now (I'm on my third, but the second doesn't really count because it went through the washing machine). Sarah works with Reign Ministries, traveling to such exotic locals as Nepal and Cuba (legally). This summer she outdoes herself again by missioning in a country so cool, its name contains an article: THE Gambia. Where is The Gambia? All I'll say is, it's somewhere in Africa, somewhere around Western Africa, somewhere surrounded by Senegal. I'm envisioning lions, monkeys, leaches, and fire-breathing dragons. Learn more about her exciting life here at her website:

Fun fact: Timbuktu, Mali, is actually 941 miles to Banjul, The Gambia.

1 comment:

Sarah Lawrence said...

You make me laugh! I feel honored to be a subject of one of your blogs. And I'm home now! Yeah!! I'll be calling you soon.....and my 1st passport still has two blank pages in it!