Monday, July 17, 2006

Intel and AMD

Click on the image for a cool tech story - Intel's newest line of chips, the Core 2 Duo, are blowing away AMD's current top-end chips. To be fair, AMD had a great run the past couple of years. But just as Airbus had better planes than Boeing for a couple of years, those times are now past.

Okay Chris, Airbus didn't have "better" planes, but they did sell a lot more than Boeing over the past 5 years.


chris said...

I'm sorry. When did Airbus ever have a product better than Boeing's?

Core 2 isn't out yet so until then we'll see about what consumers will do given AMD's strategy of offering cheaper chips.

Andrew said...

Wow - someone is a big Intel fan - I wonder why?????

Oh btw - Boeing has always made a better plane! Come one - support local business!

Robert & Rachel said...

Read the tiny letters, A-dawg!

Erin said...

I love this picture.