Monday, July 24, 2006

Life Changes Again!

Practicing what we preach, Rachel and Rob strive to take up as little space on this Earth as possible. Witness our new apartment: we downgraded in size (to 750 sq ft), but upgraded in location and amenities.

Tangent: by "amenities," developers point to their walking paths, golf courses, and cheap-o fitness centers. But what about true quality of life? Living where you work, proximity to shopping, entertainment, social interaction with neighbors, and walking trails / green-space should not be mutually exclusive luxuries. If more people like yourselves demanded more densely developed areas and safe neighborhoods and better transportation and proximity to the rest of the world (rather than separation via cul-de-sacs, 6-lane suburban arteries and Petsmarts) developers and city-planners would certainly respond. I think we may give up too quickly on a truly good life by ghettoizing ourselves in the MBA nerd's NPV positive, poorly constructed world of master-planned communities (that's a mouth-full!) Ironically, these "amenity-rich" ticky-tacky communities become undesirable after 10 years because of said poor construction and isolation from the outside world. The once white-washed stucco Krogers are replaced by dingy 99c Only stores, and as home value deteriorates, so do ancillary amenities such as safety and socialization.

Anyway! Rachel and Rob found a wonderful apartment at the corner of Westheimer and Wesleyan, in Highland Village. Highland Village? Yes, in the mornings we walk to Starbucks, for lunch it's PF Changs, and for dinner it's a fantrasmical meal from Central Market (like a really cool Whole Foods). Rachel loves window shopping at Banana Republic and Crate and Barrel!

Before and After - our apartment is super "quaint," but it also feels much more comfortable and homely than our last place. Soon after this picture, Rachel walked over to Pottery Barn to get some cute (and cheap) window treatments.

Those green letters I'm pointing to outside our door say "Central Market" (like a really good Whole Foods). It's as far from our apartment to CM as our old apartment to our old parking spot! Hmm... I'm feeling like a portobello mushroom with hatch chili pesto spread... I'll be back in 5 minutes!

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