Monday, July 14, 2008

House Pictures: During

Here are some of our work party pictures. These are mostly from the 2nd weekend. We forgot to take pictures on the 1st weekend. There's no way we could have done this all in two weekends without everyone's help. We don't have pictures of Josh and Jeremy (our British friend), but they were definitely there and helping out.

Mom & Rob sanding cabinets. The process for each cabinet door and cabinet frame: 1) course sand, 2) fine sand, 3) pre-stain, 4) 1st coat lacquer, 5) 2nd coat lacquer, 6) sealer. Props to Linda, Rachel and Jeanne.

Chris, the master pin-nailer

Dad enjoying a momentary respite from painting the dining room

Dad working into the evening - he just moved everything in a few minutes earlier but thought a break was for wusses

Angela helped Jeanne paint the inside of the cabinets - they used to be blue and pink!

Jeanne working hard on the kitchen cabinets

Dad painting. I also included this picture to show the fabulous chandelier included with our home.

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