Monday, July 14, 2008

House Pictures: Before

Here are a few long awaited before, during, and after photos of our new home in t-town. First, before. The house was built in 1925, so there have been lots of previous occupants who did a real great job of "personalizing" the place. If you think this blue paint is "unique," you'd be even more impressed by the key-lime green underneath it.

From living room looking into dining room. Note the rough patch on the left side of the wall. Imagine that rough wall patch scattered throughout the house. Why would they be all over the house? Your guess is as good as ours. But it's because of those patches, and numerous other strange wall issues, that we had to call in professional wall texturers to smooth everything out.

Busy dining room with old chandelier. We still have the chandelier in the basement if anyone wants it. Let us know soon before it goes in the trash.

Dining room again - looking into the living room area.

Jude's pink room. It looks much better with the neutral beige/latte tone.

Old orange kitchen with plastic nobs! Now you can see why Rachel felt it was an imperative to "just do something" to the kitchen. Imagine that picture circling 360 degrees and all around you is orange cabinets and big white nobs. Not a relaxing way to make a meal.

Blue living room. We tore out the shelf above the window. Why? We just haven't been around long enough to accumulate so many knick-knacks.

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