Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We Don't Need No (more) Education

Quick update to family on what you probably already knew:

Rachel is now Rachel, CPA. Her certificate finally came last month, so she is fully licensed to do your taxes or be called to court as an "expert witness." Ask her about energy derivatives and FAS 133. Once you get her going, she won't quit. Its like talking sports to her. She's also a graduate of The University of Texas, McCombs School of Business, Master in Professional Accounting.

Rob just finished his MBA from Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Management. I'm not about to toot my own horn, so I won't say much, except that I'm happy to finally be done. Without a doubt the best two year investment in my young life; I now know how to create a forward interest rate curve, value your company, and identify your companies' strengths, weaknesses, and how to fix them.

Prior to graduate studies, both Rachel and Rob are proud graduates of George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.

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