Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PSA: Allergy Season

If you have allergies, give Allernone a try.

As a kid I lived with horrible allergies, 365 days a year. I downed Benadryl, Claritin, and Allegra, which caused my heart to race, gave me bad dreams, and required that I never miss a dose. Eventually, an allergist (ie, a “super expensive” luxury) concocted a unique mixture of inactive allergens that she shot into my arm every week for three years. When I moved away from Texas, my allergies went away. Six years later (I thought I was “immune to all allergies” by this time), we moved back to Texas, and the allergies came back overnight. It was horrible. Rachel was frustrated, maybe she was reconsidering her 3 year marriage with me – I don’t know… A lady at Whole Foods begged me to try Allernone. “But it’s $30 a bottle!” Her response: “Do it for me!” Unnecessary story short, I tried it, and it worked like a charm. 3 years later, my allergies are nonexistent. All I do is take about 10 drops of Allernone, 2x a day (I’m down to 1x per day), and I have no allergies whatsoever. Dog, ragweed, mold, whatever. Allernone uses the same ingredients in expensive allergy shots, but instead of injecting it into your arm, you drop it under your tongue. It doesn’t make your heart race and it doesn’t make you sleepy, because it isn’t medicine. It’s just inactive allergens that your body uses to build up an immunity. Long story short, if you’re suffering like I was, give this stuff a try. I laugh when I see those ridiculous Claritin commercials, because they are so expensive and ineffective compared to Allernone.


Erin said...

Wow, this is amazing news. I'm going to try this, because I have tried everything under the sun for my allergies (minus shots) and have currently worked my way to perscription Zyrtec, which I feel helps, but isn't 100% helpful. I normally deal with my pesky allergies in May and June. Sometimes in the fall.....thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...


I came across your website on Google and I am the president of the company that makes Allernone. I'm glad it has worked for you. Please call Rose at 877-255-3766 and you can have a free bottle of any of our new products for putting this blog up. Just tell her Kevin told you to call. You can see all of our products at www.newrootz.com or www.allernon.com.

andrea said...


Anonymous said...

I've used Allernon for about a year and am off all over the counter meds (I never needed a prescription - but used all the OTC products I could find) -- this is the best I have ever found!