Monday, April 23, 2007

GOOG 411

A very handy tool for road warriors and soccer moms alike: 1-800-GOOG-411. The good folks at GOOGLE (NASAQ: GOOG) have integrated their online service with a toll-free number that lets you get directions, phone numbers, and information about almost every company in America. For instance, you're driving through Centralia, WA. You know there's a McMenamins somewhere off I-5, but you don't know where. A quick GOOG-411 cell phone call reveals its location and connects you for free. Repeat this for almost any situation you find yourself in. This is yet another way that technology is making the world a smaller place.


Dougie Fresh said...

I ALMOST used this the other day when looking for a BofA in Las Vegas, but then I thought, "No, Rob probably posted that on April Fool's Day...he's just pulling our way that could be real!" I shouldn't have doubted you, Rob...I've learned my lesson! =)

Andrew & Joanne said...

Also, send a text message to the phone number 46645 (GOOGL). In the body of the text, type what you are looking for. (McMenamin's Sherwood Oregon) It will send you the listing for that place of business. Phone number, address, and any other locations the business may have near where you're searching for.

It's saved our butts sooo many times when we're in a jam. I (Joanne) used it all the time in my apartment b/c i was too cheap to buy internet. Google text messaging WAS my internet!