Monday, March 27, 2006

Mixing Work and Play

Rob visited Rachel in Corpus Christi (aka, the place where Dick Cheney shot a grandpa in the face). They had a great time. By day, Rachel reconciled accounts payable, and Rob updated their blog while drinking coffee. (They highly recommend Agua Java for caffeinated treats. Who knew CC had such great a great coffee place). By night, they dined at Landry's and enjoyed the cable TV mind-candy.


carol Mardock said...

Hi from Frankfurt! I'm bored so I decided to see what you guys are up to. I'm so jealous! Landry's!!!! Corpus!!!! Sheesh! Did I mention I'm in Frankfurt...and bored??

Love ya,


Bob Mardock said...

I just private chatted Mom who was sitting in lounge in St Petes, RU logged on to a wi-fi. She had just received my fax that I sent to het room this morning from my computer while sitting in my big chair logged on to wi-fi. I remember not to long ago when it took 10 tries just to get a phone to ring in RU. Technology! How grand -- and scarry.