Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Summer Internship

Wow, I totally just landed an internship at Intel. In Hillsboro. It's a very fun story of how I got the internship, involving months of determination and friendly reminders about my great interest, copious amounts of networking, and - evidently - interviewing very well. Everyone's first response has so far been "oh no, what's Rachel going to do!?" She's already bought a plane ticket to visit, and will probably buy another couple of tickets to visit during the summer. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Still, we spent 2 years staring at each other in Romania, so a summer apart will be rough!


Anonymous said...

Man, Rob I am sooo stinkin proud of you! Aww, that is something I wanna be able to do when I go to college. (or master's degree program) I think it is sooo awesome. I love you!

<3always your little sister,

Sarah Lawrence said...

It's one step closer to being back in Portland for real! YEAH!!!