Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PSA: Get Your Passport

Did you know that only about 20% of Americans hold valid passports? I learned this the other day when I was reading the Iran Daily News Online (a good source of info if you want to be a "well rounded" current events buff). A commentator criticized that, (paraphrase), "Americans just don't understand anything outside of their own country, as illustrated by the fact that only 30% of Americans hold current passports." Actually - this is the sad part - his scathing attack was generous! The numbers are more like 15 - 20%. Below I have listed a few insightful reasons for why you should get your passport (besides the obvious, ie. "you can travel to Djibouti"):
  • Impress McDonalds employers by showing them "one item from column A" instead of "one item from column B and C"
  • Stick it to government-sponsored Iranian journalists
  • If you ever do have to travel to a foreign country, you won't have to pay the "rush" fee because you didn't give yourself 3 months notice (Andy)
  • A good conversation piece ("Yes, of course I have my passport. Why don't you?")
  • It's much easier to get through immigration in Tijuana
  • It lasts for 10 years. You sure you won't travel before 2016?


Sarah Lawrence said...

I guess I'll leave a comment, because that's what I do! um, I have my passport and use it regularly...thanks for posting!

Bob Mardock said...

I have my passport. Lost one that was filling up. Bummer. It would have looked cool all full. Recently I had a US Homeland Security agent ask me about my Tajikastan stamp. I doubt he had seen many of those.