Saturday, October 01, 2011

Greyson's 1st Birthday

Greyson Zachary and family celebrated his 1st birthday today with lots of family and friends. Festivities were held at Uncle Mitch, Aunt Kelleigh, Grant, and Cole's house in Dallas, Oregon. When we sent out the evite a month ago, I recall I said something like, "We know what you're thinking, 1) didn't a Mardock baby just have his birthday, and 2) where the heck is Dallas, Oregon?"

 The response, which I think is still funny even after writing the evite a month ago, was:

1) The Mardock / Wood / Bellamy pool of kiddos certainly is expanding. But THIS is Greyson's first, and arguably most important birthday celebration. If you happened to go to Jude's 2nd or 3rd birthday, we thank you heartily, but his 1st birthday a couple of years ago was definitely the most critical. Furthermore, we totally get it: there are lots of kids, especially around Sept / Oct. (Note Chris and Jeanne's 2nd baby is expected +/- 2 days from Grey's birthday). We'll probably start to double up on birthdays in the future. But THIS is Greyson's singular day to shine. So we hope you can join in for an hour, two, or more!

2) Dallas, OR is practically a suburb or Portland. Merely 45 minutes south. Party is held at Mitch and Kelleigh Ratzlaff's house. Kelleigh is Rob's sister. Mitch and Kel's house affords everyone rain or shine party success at an affordable rate :-)

Yes, I know Dallas is more like 2x 45 minutes from Portland, but I didn't want to scare away potential guests!

In attendance today were Great Grandpa Mardock (Marvin) and Great Grandma Mardock (Olive), Aunt Dani and Aunt Joanne, Uncle Andy, Uncle Adam, Uncle Josh, Uncle Isaac, Tiffany (our excellent friend from George Fox), Great Uncle Bob, Grandma Linda, and of course a bunch of little toddlers and little boys: Grant, Cole, Isaac (another one), and Carter.

Greyson, we love you. We have high hopes for you and we are excited for your future. Here's to another 79+ years, you little tiger, you!

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