Monday, September 26, 2011

Nehalem Bay State Park

The Oregon State Park system owns a few dozen yurts that you can rent for a reasonable overnight rate. However demand far exceeds supply and you have to reserve about a year in advance. That's exactly what we did about one year ago: rented a yurt near Manzanita, OR for the weekend. Now, at the time the weather forecast showed clear skies. Who could have foreseen that one year later the weekend would be one of the wettest in months...

At one point I recall Rachel suggesting that we just rent a hotel. But we stuck with it. Mitch, Kel, Grant, and Cole met us there for one evening. We enjoyed great family time. The boys wrestled in the small space, Greyson was typical Greyson (he woke everyone up at 3am). Despite the rain, we went to the beach, ate at Mo's, drank coffee at sleepy monk, and even visited the tillamook cheese factory. Tue next day the sun rose for our long and relatively peaceful drive back to Tacoma.

This was our first time camping, and although it was in the posh confines of a yurt on the Oregon coast, it was still a little challenging. Thankfully it just gets easier from here. Maybe I should reserve the yurt for next year...

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