Friday, September 12, 2008

To Politick or Not?

I'm tempted to interject a few political jabs from the "independent voter" p.o.v. It is, after all, the height of the election season. But how to do it cleanly and insightfully on this blog dedicated to family? Any suggestions? Yes? No? Here's an example of something I'm dying to point out: Sarah Palin said Georgia should be a NATO member, and that she would then attack Russia if Russia invaded Georgia. Sarah Palin would go to war with Russia. Russia, a super-power with as many nuclear missiles as America. Russia, a fiesty country of 150 million people with a long history of distrust towards America. Russia, who for the last 20 years we've had cordial relationships with. Georgia, a pleasant little country the size of West Virginia with a population the size of the greater El Paso area.

To bring it home a bit, I think of that Sting song: "I hope the Russians love their children too." I know I love my little fuzzy headed, Precious Moments(tm)-eyed bundle of joy. Am I prepared go to war with Russia because a sub-clause of an antiquated alliance of nations formed solely to defend against a dead Soviet Union says we must attack? Heck no. I don't think of myself as an effete non-patriotic independent wacko, but the continuation of aggressive foreign policy from the GOP has me a little on guard. The Russians insist they are being "swift boated." They say they were protecting people from a Georgian offensive and that we don't see the whole story. Whether or not I believe Russia's side is irrelavent. What is relevant is whether or not we would attack Russia based on incomplete information. What is relevant is the shift in America's foreign policy that has now made such a possibility worth discussing. The GOP's tough talk on protecting the world by military force, and their cavalier attitude towards invading Russia if something similar happened to Georgia (not mentioning the differing geopolitical points of view of the situation) has me concerned about the possible perpetuation of the GOP's current foreign policy platform.

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Chris said...

Versus Democrats who want to sit down with Iran without pretense? Iran being a nation who consistently has proclaimed their intention to annihilate and wipe Israel off the face of the planet?