Saturday, September 06, 2008

Little Jude

Little Jude sleeps 20 hours a day, whines and squeeks several times an hour, poops about 4 times a day, and smiles (aka, stretching his face muscles) about 2 times a day. He's the cutest thing we've seen in a while. Rachel and I are constantly impressed with the little sweet spirit that we brought into this world. Last night at Chevy's (chain tex-mex restaurant), a waitress came over, told us her brief life story, and continued to recommend we have more kids, because "people who have cute kids usually only have one kid... and that's going to be really bad for America's future, if you know what I mean." (note, that is verbatim). Today at Costco, the 80-year old lady serving potato salad samples told us 1) that we shouldn't take Jude out so early in his life, 2) take care of your wife because she's no doubt in great pain, and 3) "back in my day child birth was a horrendous experience; we had to stay in the hospital for two weeks ... we used lots of ice packs." (again, that's verbatim).

We really do appreciate all of the suggestions. We may or may not use them. But at the very least they make good potential blog posts and topics of conversation.
Jude is a cutie. We're already sad that his first couple of infant weeks will quickly pass. But we're also looking forward to the next stage of development. And eventually, for the time when Jude and dad can play checkers.


Brian said...

I hope you are ready for a LOT of unsolicited advice. We got a ton. Some good, some bad. Best thing I can say is to tuck it all away and save it for later use. You'll come to a point where you're out of ideas with something and you can draw on other people's experiences that have been shared with you, asked for or not :-)

Jude is a cutey! Can't wait to see him in person. Anything Nicole and I can do for you, just let us know.

Nicole said...

What is it about the Sample Ladies in Costco-like stores giving the unsolicited parenting advice? I had one yelling after me about baby diarrhea in Winco about 4 days after Rowan was born. Sheesh!

Congratulations to you both! Good work on the cute kid!

Chris said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

He is so darling!

The best advice is to ignore the advice.

Melissa Trainer said...

Jude is very cute! Congratulations on your new addition and all the joys he brings with him. Please be sure to post parenting tips to use next May when it is my turn. :)

Jude Broussard said...

Will he be ready to meet me next summer? Have I mentioned that I love his name? Can't wait until "The Summit of the Judes" one day. We will have many things to discuss.