Friday, July 27, 2007

Alternative Nation

I'm feeling a little bamboozled, having now moved to what many consider to be the alternative rock capital of the world, only to discover that Seattle radio stations contain a dearth of my much needed musical sustenance.

Enter the most self-proclaimed ambasadors of the alternative rock capital of the world:
103.7: Claims to play "world class rock." Emperically, most songs belong in the same genre as "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone, Pave Paradise & Put Up a Parking Lot," and the newest and lamest Dave Matthews songs available, such as "Beautiful Baby and Stand Up."

107.7: Plays 8 hours of music, 8 hours of commercials, and 8 hours of morning, mid-day, and afternoon DJ tomfoolery. The topic of conversation the other morning was a Swiftian diatribe about how legalizing prostitution would bring about a more stable family unit.

90.3: What I like to call "Myspace Radio." Music so random and bizarre, my simple words can't describe it. Poetry reading to an African drum beat, followed by a hard core punk / ska trio. Tollerable jazzy tunes mixed throughout.

What Seattle lacks in music, it makes up for in dialogue. Not even in Houston, where every station is owned by Clear Channel, have I heard as much small-talking, questioning, answering, pondering, and laughing as I hear in Seattle.

The best alternative radio station in the country may be 94.7 in Portland, OR. Check out their website, where you can listen no matter where you live. (I requested a Ben Folds song when I lived in Houston). Austin, TX also has a truly world-class alternative rock station (101.5).

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