Friday, June 01, 2007

This Old House

A few days ago we said goodbye to our friends in Houston and boarded a plane for Seattle (special thanks to Katherine, Jerrod (visit their blog), Ryanne, and Jude for your help, encouragement, and party-planning skills). The movers had already come, packed, loaded up boxes and our cars. On the plane, sedated Jackson was a trooper. He didn't make a sound until we exited in Seattle. At which time he started squealing like a pig, reminding us that he hadn't gone to the bathroom in about 7 hours.

We are now officially Seattle residents. Home is ours for the next 13 months. It's tucked into the Fauntleroy area of West Seattle, between downtown and the airport. We have two extra bedrooms, an extra bed, and extra sleeping pads, so we hope our family and friends visit us often. Consider it Rob & Rachel's Bed & Breakfast. Caffe Ladro is just down the street, and we have a nice little view of Puget Sound, Vashon Island, and Mt. Rainier.

Photo tour of our new (rental) house:
White picket fence

Front door & yard
Side angle
Dining room
Living room
Another dining room angle
Cozy kitchen
Retro bathroom
Bedroom # 3 (office)
Master bedroom (loft)
Another master (loft) angle
Back patio
Back of house
View of Puget Sound


Jerrod & Katherine said...

Congratulations! Your house is absolutely cozy and wonderful. We can't wait to come visit you guys (hopefully!)and check it out for ourselves! K & J

Dougie Fresh said...

Woohoo!! That's so exciting! I'll be up there in the fall...we'll have to get together...I'd love to see you two!