Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mid June Update

...sort of tired these days. Rob just started his new job in Seattle and Rachel has started her new job in Tacoma. We live right in between. This still follows our "live where you work" anti-urban sprawl ideal - at least as much as possible. We've now realized that Jackson is a chub - an 8 lb yorkie is twice the size as a normal "teacup" yorkie. Jeanne is currently visiting us from Portland. Rachel and Jeanne made apple pies - we gave one to our neighbor as a "welcome to the neighborhood but in reverse" gift. Eric (the neighbor) had taken our mail and newspapers from our front porch last week so potential thieves wouldn't know we were gone. I just sent an e-mail to my old Peace Corps colleagues. I'm sure we're all making the world a better place in our own ways. I say that only half jokingly. The other half is serious - our team of volunteers was pretty fun, talented, and motivated. Back to our house: it smells much better. Yes, old houses have a bit of a funk. But nothing that those Pier 1 scenty-oily-sticks can't fix.

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