Thursday, February 09, 2006

Update: nothing to update

Bits and pieces for family to munch on: Rob's parents are in town (it's fun to get so many free dinners). Rachel is working until 11:00pm most evenings (but Rob still got a bigger Christmas bonus when he worked at Schlotzskys Deli at age 17). Evidently Rob has the time to post to this blog (final exams next week, oh well). Rob wanted to mention that this blog looks much nicer on Mozilla Firefox. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you should. Rachel is taking the CPA exam next week during the busiest part of busy season (can you say masochistic). Our apartment is really nice, but we have no visitors to see it (and our view of Hermann Park), so we'll probably downsize next year. Still trying to find the perfect coffee shop in Houston. So far we've found and enjoyed Empire Cafe, Agora (both on Westheimer) and Salento (in Rice Village). We don't really consider anything outside the 610 loop to be Houston. The best Mexican food place in Texas (so far) is Trudy's in Austin. Rob made his first pro forma financial statement the other week - it was a hoot. Who knew predicting the future was so easy?

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