Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hip Hoppin' in Houston

Rachel n Rob visited tha Galleria on Saturday. Boo-Yaa! It was packed wit people. Hollaz to the East Side. A tripple whammie fo gettin yo pimp on: NBA All Star weekend, winta sales, n Presidents Day weekend crazy up in there. It was tha busiest anyone has eva seen tha Galleria so jus' chill. Thousands of thugz cramped togetha look'n fo` celebrizzles, athletes, n hip hop stars. Ive neva seen so mizzle bling bling straight trippin'. Im sizzuch a whitey fo' sheezy! Translation courtesy of gizoogle.

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Sarah Lawrence said...

Seriously, how in the heck did you find that site? Aren't you supposed to be busy stuyding? I miss you guys - and love you lots!!