Monday, July 25, 2005

What is your political typology?

According to the Pew Research Center, Rachel and Rob should be pigeon-holed into the following categories:

Rachel: "UPBEAT"
Key descriptions & values: Feel positive about the economy and the work of government. Satisfied with their own financial situation. Religious. Has great confidence in the future of humanity. Voted for GW. Likes war in Iraq. Favors preemptive military action.

Rachel says: "yep, that pretty much describes me! er... except the 2nd half."

Key descriptions & values: "Embittered." Cynical about government. Unsatisfied by their economic situation. Oppose immigration & the environment. Alienated from politics. Have little interest in the news and politics. Government is ineffective, but most likely voted for GW.

Rob says: "shoot, I must have pressed the wrong button. Either that or I'm destined to live out my later years in a cabin in Montana."

Want to find out what you are? Visit the Pew Research Center's web site: click here.

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