Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Angela and Nick

As recently as a week ago, uploading an image required 3 programs running in perfect unison - then minutes or hours of editing arcane HTML code to make it all look almost right. has now made it super easy to upload images, and since our digital camera is (equally super) ancient, I thought I would post a picture from my parents' collection. Angela and Nick are my siblings. Angela was presented with the Cougar Award: the top 8th grade award given to the "whole package" student. Nick has surprised the right-brained family by becoming a math and science wiz. He called me a month ago to exclaim: "Rob, I just weighed myself. I'm getting really big. I'm serious. You should see my muscles." Angela diffidently confirms: "yep, even some of my cool friends think he's cute... it's so embarrassing!"

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Angela said...

Yeah..... I know we are the cutest sibling you have right? Haha Just kidding. That was Nick and I at the 8th grade dance. Love you guys soo much!