Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Frozen is the best movie of all time

Maybe it's party talking, or the fact that my kids and Rachel are out of town at the moment, but I am feeling very nostalgic about the movie Frozen. When your kids or family is away, the "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" song suddenly becomes a sad and lonely melancholy melody.

A week or so ago the four of us got in the car to rent Frozen from the local Redbox. The first Redbox we visited was out. We went to 4 more Redboxes around Tacoma, then Safeway and then the local video store, but they were all out! So we rented on Amazon. The whole family instantly loved it. Including Jude, who originally thought he was going to hate it. The next day Jude and I went to Best Buy and bought the DVD. We all watched it again that night. Then the next morning. Then a couple more times. Then again this past weekend!

At the same time we've also been listening to the Soundtrack on Spotify dozens and dozens of times. Greyson knows most of the words. Jude keeps replaying "Let It Go," over and over again. It's the cutest whole-family bonding movie we've ever experienced!

As I was doing some research into Frozen, the story became so much more fascinating: That it took Disney decades to bring it to fruition. That the the songwriting team that developed such memorable melodies was actually a young husband and wife couple. That a young composer (Cristophe Beck) wrote such a beautiful sweeping score. And that a young mom (Jennifer Lee) made a mid-career switch to storytelling and became the award-winning director. And who knew Kristen Bell could sing!

I love that our whole family loves this movie. Maybe it's that I'm all by myself this evening but thinking about what a great time our family has together watching Frozen makes me really miss them...

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