Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rachel's 2013 Convoy of Hope

I am very proud of Rachel. Six months ago she was asked to participate on the 20-person planning committee as the asst treasurer for the Convoy of Hope's Tacoma event. Off and on for six months she's been meeting and planning with a local team of volunteers after work hours. Well today the Convoy of Hope event seems to have been a nearly complete success. 1000 volunteers and 7000 people took over Mt Tahoma high school in S Tacoma. Participants received free groceries, school supplies, lunch, shoes, family pictures, haircuts, music events, medical and dental check-ups, kids fun area... Probably a lot more too. I happened to stop by and was in sheer amazement at the scope of this event. There were police managing traffic. It was a big deal. It is clear the community need was very great and much appreciated. I'm proud of Rachel and her scrappy team for helping to plan and execute such an enormous community event. I love you, Rachel!

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