Monday, March 04, 2013

Dad's Personal Day

What a lovely day so far. Park with the boys, skipping rocks into Commencement Bay, visiting the new LeMay Car Museum, and as the boys are asleep I'm preparing BBQ ribs, BBQ baked beans, and potato salad. On top of it all is perhaps the most lovely and warmest sunny day of 2013. Possibly even reached 60 degrees today.

Jude and Grey at Foss Park in Tacoma - what a great view everyone in Tacoma has. The beautiful bay and Puget Sound in the distance behind the giant random globe.

My first time letting the boys just throw rocks. Who knew little boys could spend an hour simply throwing rocks. Right after this picture was taken, I pulled the boys away to take them to the next activity. But Greyson didn't want anything to do with it. He wanted to stay and throw rocks.

BBQ ribs in progress - yum!

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