Friday, June 17, 2011

Obligatory June Update

In the last few months a lot has transpired, but unfortunately I've done a poor job of documenting this. Jude is a hoot - he's speaking complex sentences, using new verb tenses and counting into the teens. Greyson is sitting up and can stand with a little help. Rachel has transitioned back to work from 4 months on maternity leave, and Rob was promoted to the next level at work. The house was recently refinanced and we save a couple hundred dollars per month on our mortgage, and we've made our backyard look lovely with a new patio set and a Traeger wood pellet grille.

In July we're tentatively scheduled to vacation for a week in Oregon, and later in July mom and dad Mardock are coming to visit for a week from Texas.

Lots of specifics... hopefully I can start providing more interesting and humorous details to come...

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