Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Testing Nifty iPhone App

As about 95% of my non-work related computer time is spent on an iPhone, and as I truly am wanting to get back into a normal blogging routine (because facebook is such a bad historical family record!), I'm testing out this nifty iPhone app to see if it acurately posts to our blog. Clearly what is lost by using this app is Microsoft Word's spell and syntax check, because that last sentence was a whopper of a run-on!

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Brian said...

Now you've got me curious about the app and will have to give it a try. :-D

Robert and Rachel said...

Brian - I'm excited at the idea of re-starting our family blog. It occurred to me that precious months have passed in Jude's life without really keeping a log of what we did or what kind of little man he's become.