Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Overdue Update

... a long update? Not really. But I've felt convicted to update the blog for about two months. Such is our life now that we use Facebook so frequently. Its "status updates" have usurped the more meaningful and descriptive blog stories. We'll try to change that going forward; if for no other reason than for Jude. I'm sure he'll want a running log of our lives to refer back to when he's dealing with his midlife crisis. He'll want to know "what were we thinking"?
  • As the prior story mentioned, we replaced our yard. I shoveled Tagro (essentially purified manure) throughout the front yard, and spread grass seeds. The grass grew a couple of inches before the bitter cold came and frosted the ground. It should be okay through the winter; but if not, at least the old yard is gone and we can easily fix whatever Jack Frost throws our way when Spring comes.
  • Rachel and I flew to Kauai and stayed for 3 nights in Poipu at the Grand Hyatt, 3 nights in Princeville at the St Regis, and 1 night on Alaska Air. We regret much that we didn't immediately summarize this amazing trip sooner. It was a "once every 10 years" kind of trip. Amazing, beautiful, relaxing. Lots of sun, lots of fun. Jude stayed home with his grandma Linda. As we neared the end of our trip, we were really looking forward to seeing Jude again. It made coming back to cold and wet Seattle very enjoyable.
  • Jude got the H1N1 flu back in November. He was out of school (daycare) for 7 days! At several points his feaver was up to 104, which was scary and a little amazing. I didn't think feavers got that high. I was always under the impression that around 104 and 105, that's when you're pretty much dead. But Jude fluxuated between 100 and 104 for about 6 days. He was a trooper. A real great kid.
  • As I mentioned in our Christmas card letter, around the time that Jude got over his flu, his personality really took off. He started talking and interacting at a much more interpersonal level. He laughed at us and did things he knew would make us laugh. He runs around, chases Jackson, puts objects in specific orders and in specific places - it's absolutely bizarre seeing him develop in such intentional and incremental ways. There's no way he could do 3 months ago what he's doing today. Just tonight he literally stopped what he was doing when I told him "no." Wheels are turning up there. What a good kid.
  • Thanksgiving with Chris and Jeanne was a blast. After Turkey Day, Rachel and I got to spend a day with Adam and Dani at their new place in Longview. Mitch and Kel came up and met us there, as Longview is half way between Tacoma and Salem, OR. It's great to have family so close to us up here.
  • Christmas is fast approaching. We have an awesome Turkish fir in our living room that we cut down at a "u-cut" tree farm. The house is decorated, presents are under the tree, and the annual Rescue Christmas CD is in its music rotation. Rachel and I bought each other a door clicker unit for our CR-V, but other than that, gifts are a surprise.
2009 was a momentous, long, and tiring year! We will definitely look back at this year with a combination of great memories, and a little bit of shock that we pulled it all off with such little sleep.

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Slambert said...

Glad your back! Enjoyed the update. Seth