Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Days

It has been snowing non-stop in Tacoma for the last two days. Everything is beautiful and white! We took Jude out into the back yard so he could experience his first snow fall. Rob had to throw snowballs at Jackson because he knew it would be more acceptable than throwing them at Jude. He can wait until next year for that.

Jude's first time in the snow

What a cute little snow bunny

Here are a few photos of the street in front of our house. (Snow1, Snow2, Snow3) We've probably got about a foot of accumulated snow. Rob enjoyed driving up the street, swerving in the snow to Starbucks (by himself, without Jude). He said it was like driving in a snowmobile. (Jeanne said Chris and Josh had the same idea down in Portland). Speaking of which, we've seen our neighbors literally driving their snowmobiles and skiing up and down the streets in the area. What a fun and strange change from Texas!


Sarah said...

Oh man - I've been snowed in at my house for two days! SICK.

Slambert said...

Beautiful pics. I am glad you are enjoying the snow. Las Vegas even got the snow. The record was broken from 1974 (more than 9 inches in 24hours). It is almost all gone now, but still chilly for the desert. Have a Merry Christmas.
Seth Lambert