Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jude: Almost, But Not Quite, Here

As of today, Rachel is still quite pregnant with little Jude. According to the doctors, Jude is bigger than the average tyke his age. That fact has Rachel and me worried, so we're hoping and praying for a smooth delivery. We are happy that we found Swedish Hospital in Seattle, the poshest place in the Northwest to give birth. Sure, Swedish has the best doctors, the best facilities, a top intensive care unit, and one single dedicated nurse. But the part that I'm most impressed by is the jacuzzi tub. It's like the W Hotel of hospitals.

On the home front, Jude's room is full of man goodies: a manly crib, manly diaper changing table, a real masculine baby monitor, and a bookshelf full of man-centric baby books like "Excuse Me: A Baby Book of Manners," and "Little Johnny's Pocket Book of Nano-Sciences." Oh yes, we're ready.

Rachel is taking a couple of months off from her work (that's all that America has determined a mother needs), and Rob is taking a couple of weeks off to bond as much as I can before Corporate America demands that he (I) return to work. Little Jude: when you're old enough to read this, we're sorry if our busy lives caused you to be strange. At least we don't live in a country like the UK where mothers get about 9 months longer to bond with their children, because, you know ... they pay higher taxes.

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