Saturday, February 17, 2007

Road Trip to Aggieland


Hey, let's go to College Station! It's a lazy Saturday, not much going on (final exams maybe...). And bonus points - we'll have something to talk about with our Aggie friends and coworkers other than, "so uh, how about that Freebirds. They sure do make a mean burrito." Often misunderstood, Texas A&M to many (including Rob and Rachel) seems like America's biggest cult. It is home to over 40,000 students any given year, but the school does such a great job of integrating every one of them that after graduation your classmates end up being lifetime friends and business contacts. Even the two- or three-dozen Aggies at Rice's MBA program share a kindred spirit that the rest of us can't quite understand.

We return to Houston super impressed with pretty much everything and everyone. We started our day at Messina Hof Winery where we enjoyed a fabulous yuppie lunch. We highly recommend the place. Their facility reminds us a lot of a typical vineyard in Oregon, but they also have a 4-star restaurant and a bed and breakfast. If we were in Texas another year or two, we would have enjoyed a restful weekend stay.

Not sure what else to see, the server recommended we walk our dog around Barbara Bush's pond. Okydoky... not sure what that means, but it's next to the Bush presidential library. We never saw ourselves visiting the Bush library in College Station of all places, but it was right there - when else would we ever go? We paid our $6 and ran around the museum. We were very impressed - one of the finest museum's we've been to (an
d we have seriously been to a lot in the seven years we've known each other). George was a great guy - hopefully he will be known as one of the best 1-term presidents.

After driving by Kyle Field (in Rob's opinion, in the pantheon of college football stadiums, this is in the top 5), we stopped for a caffeine pick-me-up at Starbucks, and ate dinner at a local dive, the Dixie Chicken! Yes, it was a dive of a place, but it's so popular! We are sure to bring it up in conversation with any Aggie we run across in the future.

What a good day... who knew College Station was so fun and quirky...

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