Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Seriously, a Female President?

Rachel wanted her colleagues to know that, indeed, the "world" is ready for a female president. However, whether or not "America" - the most enlightened corner of the free and democratic world - is ready for a female president, remains to be seen. Though we don't have the time to exhaustively research the many female presidents and prime ministers of the world, I (Rob) do know that since 1960, the following countries have had female presidents or prime ministers: Sri Lanka, India, Israel, Argentina, Central African Republic, Great Britain, Portugal, Bolivia, Dominica, Iceland, Norway, Yugoslavia, Malta, Netherlands Antilles, Philippines, Pakistan, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Ireland, Ecuador, Haiti, East Germany, Burma, Bangladesh, France, Poland, Canada, Burundi, Rwanda, Turkey, Bulgaria, Bermuda, Guyana, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mongolia, Panama, Latvia, San Marino, Indonesia, Serbia, Georgia, Austria, Liberia, Chile, Germany.

Several countries have had more than 1 or 2 female heads of state. Yes, that list includes such bastions of female empowerment including Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. This list also does not include queens or heads of state prior to 1960. I can name another couple biblical heads of state (or "kingdom"), as well as a couple leaders of ancient China and medieval Europe. Probably the history books of most other countries list other female heads of state.

Is the world ready for a female president? Yes. Is Good Ole' America? I don't know, what do you think?


chris said...

Are we talking about Hillary, the only female who has made any notion of being president of the United States? If so, the United States deserves much better than her. And it has nothing to with her being a woman. It is because I disagree with much of what she believes in. For me until a woman 'seriously' deserves the question to be answered I'll leave it unanswered. Hillary does not qualify. Harsh? Yes.

chris said...

And you asked if the world is ready for a female president. Who cares. America should decide what is best for America first and for most. It really doesn't matter to me if other countries have had female leaders. Irrelevant. And that is also the problem with our current judiciary system. Don't even get started there.

Sorry Rob, you tickled my politic spot today with your post....=)

Robert & Rachel said...

Chris - glad I can get your political juices flowing! That's why we're here for each other. Hillary brought up the issue of "is America ready," but beyond Hillary the question remains. Imagine whomever you will: Elizabeth Dole, Sally Ride, Ann Coulter, Joan of Arc, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Rachel Mardock.

Anonymous said...

Sure we are but I don't that Hillary is said woman.

Anonymous said...

I don't think (and obviously I don't) is what I meant