Saturday, December 02, 2006

Deloitte Holiday Party

(Rachel) Rachel and Rob got all dressed up to go to the Deloitte Holiday Party on Friday night. They had some great food and socialized with many of the delightful people in the Houston practice. Here are a few photos in case anyone hasn't had the pleasure of seeing Rob in a suit!

They had a lovely evening and it was fun to have an excuse to wear formals.

Pictures from the Party - compliments of Deloitte!

Rob and Rachel

Ryanne, Ejituru, and Rachel


Sarah Lawrence said...

Great dress! Great hair! Well worth the money :) I love you !!

Andrew said...

Looking good!

Gotta love the picture of a picture. ha ha

Angela said...

Wow. You both look VERY nice. Very nice indeed. You two are very lovely together. I am trying to broaden my vocabulary then just say something along the lines of, "You guys look nice. Great dress." I mean, it just doesn't do it justice. So yes...