Sunday, October 08, 2006


This weekend I (Rob) took a stroll down memory lane - and dragged Rachel with me. We attended my high school alma mater's football game; my first time at Friendswood High School in 10+ years. It was quite a hoot being back in the pastoral 'burb. Friendswood's band is much better than when I was first-chair saxophone. I showed Rachel the band hall and an old plaque with my name on it - documented proof that I had "leadership skills" back in high school. Kelleigh: I also have pictures of the Wranglerettes. My sister Kelleigh was once so limber she could put her feet behind her head. So could most of the Wranglerettes. After 10 years, they still look the same - like Macy's Rockettes on caffeine.

The next day (today) we visited Haak Vineyards in Santa Fe. To the best of our knowledge, it's the only vineyard brave enough to have settled in the swamps of the Gulf Coastal plains. Today is their "Haaktoberfest," complete with a Bavarian polka band, yodler, and lots of bratwurst. We encourage anyone in the greater Houston area to check the place out.


Anonymous said...

Much better than when you were first chair saxophone? I guess someone forgot there were only like 5 saxophones.

Anonymous said...

I mean, that would be like Jeff being proud of being first chair baritone, even though it was just him and Patrick. And Patrick can't have anything to say about it now because he passed away several years ago.

Robert & Rachel said...

Hmm... I didn't know about Patrick. Last I heard Jeff Pew just returned from his Amazon mission trip, which, being about 7 or 8 years ago, shows how out of touch I am with F'wood. And yes, I was a very good saxophone player, though Mario Segvic and his black Keilwerth sax gave me a good run for my money. One life-problem of mine is that I only try hard enough to be the best of the group. Whether that group is band, George Fox, Rice, work, etc... I'm sure if my FHS band was as good as today's FHS band, I'd still be first chair (or 2nd at worst) And who are you, anonymous, that knows me from high school days? I also have an e-mail address on the "profile" part of the blog.

Anonymous said...

MARIO!!!! That is who I was forgetting!!! How could I forget about Mario??? But yes, you gave great sax. haha

Patrick was killed in a car accident Sept. 2000. I didn't find out till long after, either. Jeff got married a little over 4 years ago. Haven't heard much from him since.

Mario said...

Ok, this is too weird guys . . . Talk about nostalgia. First off, I'm guessing anonymous could be Angie Schmidt, but I could be wrong. After all, I think the last we saw each other was when we played the National Anthem as a sax trio at graduation over 10 yrs ago!

So I see my name there Rob. I gave you a run for your money, huh? Too funny. You know I still have that Keilwerth sax. Well, I just wanted to say hello and reestablish contact with you and "anonymous". Ciao!

Robert & Rachel said...

By the way - Mario is a genius and was one of my few good friends in high school (and Angela). I bet you Googled your name to find this. It's great to hear from you again.