Sunday, September 10, 2006

Summer Vacation (pt 3)

Ah, summertime on the beautiful Oregon coast. Travel 5 miles inland and the sky opens up and the temperature increases 30 degrees.

Chris & Heather and the "banana jump"

Andy & Rachel picking wild blackberries. Now in Texas and they want us to pay $4 for a tiny carton...

The family enjoying a game of Settlers. Rachel won one round, Chris probably won one as well - he doesn't like to lose. Rob had great positioning one round with a monopoly on brick and wheat, but he was no match for Josh's cunning.

On our way up the coast to Newport, we encountered two traffic jams. The second was bad enough for our caravan to ditch plans and return home. On the way home we stopped by a hole-in-the-wall fish market. What a fun little adventure. Two fishermen stopped by with their Coleman full of 40 Dungenouss crabs. Here, Josh inspects the fresh catch.

All the ladies cringe as the crabs boil in hot water. Andy and Chris (like Rob) see a great photo op. We also bought a couple pounds of clams, crab, and halibut for a killer seafood chowder.

Returning to TX, we stop by Boise to visit Sarah. Sarah takes us to downtown Boise - a groovy place indeed!

Rachel and Rob at the groovy breakfast bistro in Boise.


Sarah Lawrence said...

Nice pictures! Sorry it took me so long to get your camera to you. I'm a bad friend sometimes! But I love you....

Andrew said...

Nice! I was wondering when you were going to FINALLY put those up!
I like Rachel's shirt in the last two pics! Very nice!

Erin said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time. Hope Texas is treating you guys well!