Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer Comes to an End

Two months ago I spoke to my old friend Jon. I mentioned I was in Oregon for the summer. Conversation stopped, and he hesitantly asked, “Are you and Rachel okay?” Yes, yes, we’re fine, thank you. This is just what MBAs often do - internships are often somewhere else in the country. Rachel (the sugar-mama that she is) can’t exactly follow along for 12 weeks. But now those 12 weeks have passed, and I’m returning to Houston to finish up my last year of school. Some parting thoughts from this summer’s experience:

Rob says: Many thanks to my colleagues in LTD Strategic Finance at Intel. Five months ago I finagled my way into an internship by bugging more than a dozen employees. LTD provided a positive learning experience beyond my expectations. I’m looking forward to bragging about my adventures to my Rice colleagues: cool project, lots of support (thanks Chau, Craig, Roberto, George), fun activities, “private” jet to San Jose, etc…

Rachel says: Thanks for giving me back my husband

Next up: 3 day trip to Texas. Should be loads of fun!

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Sarah Lawrence said...

Drive safely!!!