Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years at Brazos Bend

Rachel and Rob returned to Houston from rain-soaked Portland. These pictures depict the dramatic weather difference between the two locations. Brazos Bend State Park (1 hour south of Houston) is definitely worth the $3 per person. Though walking around the park a mere 4 hours, they counted 40 alligators. It is commonly believed that alligators still exist in and around the middle of downtown Houston. This is important for Rachel and Rob to stress, since many uninformed West Coasters still think that Houston is a desert. Quite the opposite - it's a swamp! : )

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Mitch said...

Rob & Rachel,
Put more pics of Brazos up for us to see. What a great place. You need to take Kel & me there sometime. You can show us the gators and I'll show you the birds. Oh yeah, and look out for snakes too. Chad Harris and I almost stepped on a Copperhead there in early May one year. Anyway, you've got a great blog and we love reading and seeing what you''ve been doing. Kelleigh and I feel informed when we visit you here in virtual-land.