Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Prep 101

The disaster nerds are right: prepare early. Lesson learned this morning when I arrived at Target at 7:45AM, 15 minutes before it opened. Already a mob of 75 people swarmed around the entrance. When the poor employee (presumably he pulled the small straw) opened the door, a mad rush of customers pored in. I wish I had my camera... it was a sight. Overweight Houstonians pushing their way to the carts and running to the water isle. I missed out on the water, but it was okay (I have a Britta and a bathtub). I still managed to get some Dinty Moore stew and some votives. Unfortunately the camping fuel was completely sold out.

Thus begins my next adventure: to Academy Sporting Goods. With only mild shock, I saw the line at Academy stretched to the back of the store - literally. Of course the camping fuel was sold out. It was at this moment I remembered my trusty camping stove takes unleaded, so I drove to the Shell station, bought a 1-gallon gas can, and filled it with premium.

All of this is being finished while Rachel is in Chicago for training. Deloitte - her company - just told everyone from Houston that they are being put on the next flight back to Houston. Rachel called 15 minutes ago to tell me she arrives tonight instead of Friday night.

I may clean up this post when I have more time ... I have an ECON final exam in 2 hours...

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