Thursday, May 19, 2005

Brief Bios

Rachel and Rob come from enormous families: Rachel has 6 siblings (7 children total - all bio. You go mom!). Rob has 9 siblings (10 children total - 4 bio, 5 adopted, 1 honorary)

Rachel was home schooled until she went to Eagle Point High School, Eagle Point, OR. Wouldn’t you know it, she graduated salutatorian. Rob moved around quite a bit as a kid, number of moves totals more than 30. Fortunately he stayed in one place long enough to attend Friendswood High School, Friendswood, TX for all 4 years.

Rachel and Rob met at George Fox University. They were two of only five international business majors in their class, so they got to know each other pretty well. Oddly, they never thought of each other as more than study buddies. This all changed in summer of 1999 when they traveled to Europe for 3 weeks as part of university-sponsored trip. Romance ensued. Serendipitously, Rachel and Rob had signed up for the “semester in China” trip the following fall (1999). Unbeknownst to each other, their lives would forever be bound.

After graduating from George Fox, their next step was to build a successful and meaningful future for themselves. They wanted to continue down the path of international business / politics / relations / whatever… They came across a wonderful organization called the US Peace Corps which allowed them to travel to a foreign country to live, grow, and work for two years. Rob and Rachel were Peace Corps Volunteers stationed in the lovely Saxon village of Sebes, in Transylvania (Ardeal) Romania. They did feel a bit sheepish about their comfortable lifestyle, but they still found many hillareous cultural difficulties and misunderstandings that will serve them well when reminiscing about their past to their grandchildren.

After serving their full two-year commitment in the Peace Corps, Rob and Rachel traveled back to the USA to begin their next big task: graduate school! Rachel was accepted to the renowned Master in Professional Accounting program at the University of Texas at Austin. As this is written (May 2005) Rachel only has a couple of months left in her program. She already has a position waiting for her in the audit & assurance department of Deloitte & Touche in Houston.

Robert currently works with a wonderful international adoption agency called International Family Services ( He is the China Program Director, responsible for anything and everything China-related. After Rachel graduates from School, Rob will attend the MBA program at Rice University. He is extremely excited to begin his studies at such a prestigious university - though he is enjoying his last bit of “freedom” before August classes begin.

Rachel and Rob - it seems - have a very interesting life. And to think they are only 26 and 27 years old!


Andrew Bellamy said...

Hey I'm glad you guys finally got something to read - good work and I hope to see more where this came from! Later - Love - Andrew

Rick M. said...

VAI !!!!!!!! :) Cool blog! Or website....or....whatever ya wanna call it! Keep it up you two!

Rob and Rachel know Romanian, but for those of you who don't know it.....that one word, "Vai," translates roughly into the following phrase: "Hey how's it going long time no see how are you I'm fine where are the bathrooms I don't speak much Romanian I speak English give me a second class ticket to Bucharest and please charge me double because I'm a stupid foreigner who doesn't know any better please kid leave me alone I don't have any money for you I'm sorry why can't these people put the windows down in this bus and let some air in it's sooooo hot and I'm gonna pass out oh my god look at that old smelly guy he just blew his snot all over the street how gross why can't he use a hankie?!"

Well, roughly tranlated that is. Amazing, huh! Isn't the Romanian language cool!!!!!