Thursday, March 03, 2016

What are you?

Dear Jude and Greyson,
Should we get hit by a bus tomorrow, I want you know a little bit about your heritage. Specifically, what are you?

Your Dad's mom is 100% Irish. Your Dad's dad is a thick cultural bisque of "probably" 35% Scotch Irish, 35% German, 10% American Indian, and 20% British, Dutch, French, and / or "Regular" Irish.

Your Mom's mom is 100% Basque. Your Mom's dad is another thick dark chili. Probably 50% French, 20% Irish, and 30% miscellaneous other European.

That makes you, my dear children, approximately 30% Irish, 25% Basque, 13% French, 13% miscellaneous other European, 9% Scotch Irish, 9% German, and 3% American Indian.

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