Saturday, April 07, 2012

Day with Dad

With mom taking a personal spa day with her sister down in Portland, Jude and Grey got to hang out with their dad. And no, thank you very much, dad doesn't just turn on the TV and drink root beer while the kiddos squabble. Oh no... when dad is watching, fun things happen. Today we woke up, ate a hearty breakfast, and headed over to the Tacoma Children's Museum, where both boys played and Jude made an "art catapult" (literally a catapult made of popcycle sticks and rubber bands that shoots ink onto the wall). We then walked over to the Tacoma Glass Museum, walked down the ship canal area, and headed home. Then after naps we're heading to Kandle Park so they can visit with their little friends, 3 yr old Thor and 1 yr old Vann (yes, Thor is his real name and he has quite a similar disposition as well!)