Sunday, February 12, 2012

A couple of fun pics

Not sure how these photos will come through on this new Blogger app, but below: 1) Jude, dad, greyson, and mom at a mariners fan appreciation day... With moose. 2) Jude and grey being a cute couple of hams in Jude's new upstairs bedroom. 2) Jude and grey helping dad put together an Ikea dresser for Greyson's new upstairs bedroom.

Monday, February 06, 2012

New Blogger App / a-da

Trying out the "official" Blogger App. So far, eh. Anyhow, what I attempted to say a couple of times tonight is simply that Greyson is adorable. He manages to convey an impressive array of thoughts and feelings by speeding his one word: a-da. Like The Smurfs, a-da can be used in many situations, such as: "hey there! I want that," and "here you go." I'm being called away again. This just isn't the night to update anything...


I'm dedicating this blog post to my lame blogger app that froze after I had invested 20 minutes into a pleasant recap of the last few weeks. Thanks lame app....

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