Saturday, January 22, 2011

A moment to reflect

Literally. I have a free moment. What do I do with it? Rachel and Grey are up in Seattle and Jude is down for a nap. I just trimmed the hedges and made myself a chocolate Abyss (stout) milkshake. The house is "show-ready" clean. Now I pause and reflect. Should I chop some wood? Clean the fireplace? Paint a wall in the basement? Or just enjoy a moment to enjoy the quietness...

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Adventures of Polo and Jude

Dad: What do you want to read tonight?
Jude: I want to read Polo and the Dragon
D: Okay, but this time you tell me what’s going on in the story.
J: Okay

D: Alright, let’s see. Polo goes out on an adventure … his boat gets stuck in the ice … He can’t get out. He’s stuck, oh no! What happens next?
J: yeah!
D: Polo looks in back of him and what does he find?
J: a treasure chest
D: and Polo opens the treasure chest and what does he find?
J: a marker!
D: that’s right. He takes out the market and what does he draw?
J: a door!
D: and he opens the door and where does he go?
J: yeah… … … in a jungle!
D: that’s right. He’s walking through the jungle and guess what he finds?
J: a … a cave!
D: and inside the cave he finds a table. What’s on the table?
J: food, the dragon’s food!

It’s fun for us to see the wheels and cogs turn in Jude’s head. Thanks to Kate J. for introducing us to the adventurous dog and his many animal friends. Thanks to Polo the evening bedtime ritual is consistent and always enjoyable.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Jude’s English skills have come along nicely since his first word “banana” about 6-8 months ago. Jude now speaks in complete sentences, such as “I want to go to the beach,” and “Mom, the baby has poop in his pants! That’s funny,” and “Where did Aunt Heather and Uncle Josh go?” Below are a few notable Jude-isms that help his parents know exactly what is on his mind:
  • How about. He says it in front of just about everything to express his desires. As in, “how about milk? How about candy? How about read a book?”
  • Dump it out. That is to say, “I want to help prepare food with mom or dad, specifically in the blender or mixer.”
  • Milky. Aka milk. Not sure why he calls it this but I suspect it’s a bad influence at daycare
  • One three, one three, one three, five! This is how Jude counts
  • Have it in the microwave. Jude love his milky, but if it isn’t at least ceremonially and momentarily placed in the microwave, it isn’t yet ready to drink.
  • BIG (barrel voiced with hands wide open) … *little* (tiny voice with fingers pinched together). Followed by infectious belly laugh.