Monday, August 22, 2005

Life Changes Again!

Here we are in our apartment in Houston. As you can see, Rob is already hard at work. Rachel is enjoying her free time now that she's working 9 to 5.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rice, Rice, Baby

Rob recently began school at Rice. 2 weeks later, Rachel graduated from UT with her masters degree. Incredible timing, huh? We'll write more about Rachel's accomplishments later. For the moment we'll talk about Rob at Rice. Rice's Jones School of Management requires a 2-week pre-term where everyone learns the fine arts of adjusting account entries and public speaking skills. In this photo, Rob's team - Team 2 - was selected to represent their 50-person "Section" in a sort of case study "speak-off" held in a large auditorium in front of the entire class of 2007. Closely resembling a pack of hungry hyenas, the class of 150 students tossed out marketing, logistical, and financial questions to try and stump the team. Their interrogations were in vain, as Team 2 dexterously parried the classes verbal assault.